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Yuki Kimoto - SPVM Author
Yuki Kimoto - SPVM Author

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SPVM::Sys 0.31 is released

SPVM::Sys 0.31 is released.

New Features and Enhancement


0.31 2022-12-15
  [Build Process Improvement]
    * Added --meta option to Makefile.PL
  [Build Process Bug Fix]
    * Fixed the SPVM module dependency in Makefile.PL
      PREREQ_PM => {
        'SPVM'              => '0.9665',
        'SPVM'              => '0.9665',
  [Test Improvement]
    * Improve the workflow of Github Actions.
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For Programming Beginners

SPVM::Sys is a SPVM module to use system calls such as File I/O, Socket, and User Manipulation.

SPVM is a static-typed programming language that can be installed from Perl/CPAN.

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