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SPVM::IO 0.14 is released on Perl/CPAN

SPVM::IO 0.14 is released on Perl/CPAN.

New Features and Enhancement


0.14 2022-12-03
  [Prerequrement Changes]
    * SPVM::IO needs SPVM 0.9664+.
    * SPVM::IO needs SPVM::Sys 0.28+.
  [Incompatible Document Changes]
    * Removed the is_io_handlable method in the IO::Handle class in the doc.
      This was removed in the past.
  [Document Improvement]
    * Added the doc of the IO::Handle.
    * Added the doc of the IO::Handle::Interface.
  [Incompatible Changes]
    * Removed the autoflush method in the IO::File class.
    * Removed the get_autoflush in the IO::Handle class.
    * Changed the definitions of the following fields in the IO::Handle class.
      has autoflush : wo byte;
      has autoflush : rw byte;
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