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Yuki Kimoto - SPVM Author
Yuki Kimoto - SPVM Author

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SPVM::File::Path and SPVM::File::Glob are newly released.

SPVM::File::Path and SPVM::File::Glob are newly released.

The SPVM project is in the process of creating a rich library on top of the ever increasing stability of the programming language.

In February 2023, we are releasing a new module, SPVM::File::Path and SPVM::File::Glob, to handle files. Last week, we released SPVM::File::Copy and SPVM::FindBin.

This week, SPVM::File::Path and SPVM::File::Glob are newly released.

SPVM::File::Path is a port of Perl's File::Path to SPVM. It allows recursive directory creation and deletion.

SPVM::File::Glob is a port of Perl's File::Glob to SPVM. You can now specify wildcards to get a list of files.

Next week, we will work on SPVM::File::Temp and SPVM::File::Find. When these modules are completed, most of Perl's file operations can be done with SPVM.

SPVM is a dream product, because what is not possible in Perl is possible in SPVM: deploying a single executable file on a container, a threaded HTTP server, generating executables for GUI applications running on Windows, iphone, and android. Generation of executables.

Also, the binding of artificial intelligence libraries from SPVM, so that Perl can immediately support artificial intelligence. By cross-compiling and outputting a single executable, on any device.

Through SPVM, Perl will be able to enter new areas that were previously impossible.

The first thing we need is modules, and 2023 will be the year when a wealth of modules will be produced. Cross-compilation will also be tested. Threading will also be tested, and web frameworks will be able to run on the SPVM.

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