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Yuki Kimoto - SPVM Author
Yuki Kimoto - SPVM Author

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SPVM 0.9670 is released

SPVM 0.9670 is released.

New Features and Enhancement


0.9670 2022-12-22
  [New Features]
    * Added the following Native APIs.

      const char* (*strerror_nolen)(SPVM_ENV* env, SPVM_VALUE* stack, int32_t errno_value);
      void* (*strerror_string_nolen)(SPVM_ENV* env, SPVM_VALUE* stack, int32_t errno_value);

  [Bug Fix]
    * Fixed the bug that the length of the return vlaue of the strerror_string Native API was wrong.
  [Test Fix]
    * Fixed the testging bug that the tests of the strerror and strerror_string Native APIs don't work.
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For Programming Beginners

What Is SPVM?

SPVM is a static typed programming language that can be installed from Perl/CPAN.

How potential dose SPVM have?

Growth is expected in the fields of Bio Tech, AI/ML, Apple/iPhone/iPad Apps, Google/Android Apps, IoT Device, Connected Car, Smart Device, Smart Home, etc.

This is because SPVM can produce an executable file that supports cross platforms and make easy to calculate arrays and bind C/C++

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