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Perl: load_file:Invalid access to memory location on Windows Server 2020/2022

I got this error on Windows Server 2020/2022 to load DLLs that is generated by ExtUtils::CBuilder.

Can't load dynamic_lib file "D:\a\SPVM\SPVM\SPVM-0.9665\blib\lib/SPVM/Format__precompile.xs.dll": load_file:Invalid access to memory location at D:\a\SPVM\SPVM\SPVM-0.9665\blib\lib/SPVM/ line 262.
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This is fixed in the latest ExtUtils::CBuilder.


Revision history for Perl extension ExtUtils::CBuilder.

0.280236 - 2021-02-12


  - Remove image-base generation on Win32/gcc and instead use GCC's built-in
    `--enable-auto-image-base` linker option.
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For Programming Beginners

ExtUtils::CBuilder is a Perl module to generate shared libraries on Linux/Mac or Dynamic link libraries on Windows.

This is a wrapper of C or C or C.

They are compilers and linkers to compile C/C++ source codes and link them to output an executable file or a shared library.

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Ayesha Javed

Amazing Article. Error message "load_file: Invalid access to memory server location" typically occurs in Perl when there's an issue with loading a file, often due to file permissions, file path issues, or memory problems. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve this issue.