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re: Cool, we'll touch base early this work week. In the meantime, good luck with it all. As this thread picks up steam I think we'll get a lot of init...

Maybe you can make every content an article here, and generate the book automatically from here.

So the book can evolve by just updating the articles in the web site.

Also the generated book can have some link (ebook version) or qrcode (hard copy) that references to the correspondent article in the website so that anybody can quickly provide feedback and comments.

It would be some kind of capability of the site to select posts and generate books that can serve any one.

Your book can be the first experience.

That is good because according to the review the website can contact possible authors and propose those compilations estimating the audience even before compiling the book.

I guess it would be the first feature of this website that no other similar website provides.

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