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If you are from those that think there are no differences between the genres... then the answer is "Anything".

If you are of those who believe there are differences of aptitude caused by labor specialization during social evolution... then you might let her make all the Office / IT work and make the hard physical work of production. They were supposed to do more intellectual work in the cave (rationalize the food, educate the children, select the plants for curing us, etc..) while we were hunting.


I believe there are differences so I would like to utilize them. It makes the team complete. Thanks! Do you have experience of watching 1 on 1 male-female teams in IT related area?


Yes. Most of the times what happen is that the selection by HR is biased. They select the smarter from the males and the more beautiful of the females.

I was a college professor for 8 years, with hundreds of students... and I can assert that there was no difference in genre performance for those who have interest.

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