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πŸ‘€ 6 Free Public APIs with interesting data for your next project

APIs provide access to pre-built functionalities and data that allow us to integrate them into our applications without having to build that part of the logic from scratch.

This can save time for building the other part of the app to allow us to focus on adding the unique and interesting touch. So here's a shortlist of some interesting free APIs to consider use on our next project:

1. They Said So Quotes

This quotes API offers a complete feature rich of quotes APIs like the Quote of the day, random quote, search quotes and more!
They also allow to add your own quote and even create quote images.

Api key required: yes and no (the quote of the day section does not need an api key)

2. Pexels

The Pexels API let us access their full content library, including photos, videos. It has limits usage but if you plan to use it for a small project that limit should be more than enough.
Link: pexels
Api key required: yes

3. REST Countries

REST Countries provides information about countries, including flags, currencies, languages, and population. It's a good choice that contains a vast set of data about countries around the world.
Link: restcountries
Api key required: yes

4. The Movie Database

The Movie Database offers a large dataset of movies and TV, including the most populars movies, TV shows and more. It also supports the search and discover based on certain criteria.
Link: themoviedb
Api key required: yes

5. Spoonacular

This incredibly API offers a large set of data for ingredients, recipes, products and menu items, a great food or nutrition app could be built using this API.
Link: spoonacular
Api key required: yes


The NASA provides a lot of really cool APIs open to public. Among these, there's one called APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) which basically returns a new picture from space everyday, another one returns Mars Rover Photos and there are others pretty cool too, make sure to give it a look!
Api key required: yes

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What other free interesting APIs do you know about?

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