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This Portfolio took me one year to build

It can be really impressive to build something in one year but this is not what it is. This website took me one year to build because i didnt have the right tools and enough knowledge to make it work.I needed something perfect and simple for my portfolio.

Here is the website

Screenshot of website

The Stack

I was going to build my portfolio in Angular since i got some knowledge in it but after i did some manupaltion with a lot of trouble to manipulate the Dom (for Dark mode). I remembered the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle and turned back to look around for other options.
It was at that time when i ran into Laravel yeah the one that almost every web developer heard about. I dig into it and it was awesome. I used blade template engine for the front end and installed a package Laravel Voyager which is an awesome admin panel to generate CRUD with BREAD (Browse,Read,Add,Delete) view that help me a lot with implementing Blog feature and backend stuff in general.

The Features

Dark Mode
Blog Feature
Project Feature

The Next steps

Add Vue components for some stuff
Include Some Svg animations and a lot of it
Multilanguage with french as my native language and english as foreign (i did it 3 months after release thanks to one of freelancing project that i had done)

I would like to have some insights about it what would you have done different.

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