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Planning More Enhancements for Explore.CLI

Introduction to Future Contributions

As I continue my journey with the open-source project Explore.CLI, my focus shifts toward upcoming enhancements and learning from past experiences. Although I recently added new features and identified a minor bug in my previous work, the path ahead promises more growth and development.

Planned Enhancements and Strategy

Expanding the 'Import' Feature

After fruitful discussions with the repository owner, I am set to extend the functionality of the Import option, mirroring the expansion I previously implemented in the Export feature. The main task involves integrating the --names option into the Import functionality.

Removing Deprecated Feature

A significant part of my upcoming work includes removing the now-deprecated import-inspector-collections feature. This task necessitates a detailed review of the codebase to ensure complete and clean removal of all related components, ensuring the application remains efficient and up-to-date.

Addressing Past Bugs

In addition to these enhancements, I plan to rectify the bug identified in my previous contribution. It involves implementing a more accurate user notification system for scenarios where provided Space names do not match, affecting both the Import and Export features with the new changes planned.

Approach and Reflections

Learning and Adapting

Reflecting on my previous experience, where I underestimated the workload, I intend to approach these tasks with a more segmented and manageable strategy. This approach aims to prevent overextension and ensures that each enhancement is given the attention it deserves.

Preparatory Work

Before diving into these tasks, I need to familiarize myself with the intricacies of the Import feature, and understand its functionality, requirements, and code structure. This preparation is crucial for effective and efficient development.

Documentation Updates

An important final step will be to update the file, reflecting the new changes and improvements made to the Explore-CLI project. This documentation will assist future contributors and users in navigating the enhanced application.

Conclusion and Upcoming Update

As I embark on these new challenges and opportunities for growth within the Explore-CLI project, I look forward to sharing insights and progress in my next update. Stay tuned for a detailed account of how these enhancements unfold and the lessons learned along the way.

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