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Discussion on: Best Laptops For Developers

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Junxiao Shi • Edited

My current laptop is an Acer Spin 5.

  • 13-inch display: I hate bulky/heavy laptops when I go to conferences, so I prefer smaller displays. The laptop isn't hooked onto a monitor, but I have reference material open on RPi 4 connected to a 21-inch monitor.
  • 8GB RAM: it struggles when I run VS Code C++ extension inside WSL2 and open complex C++ code that has lots of templates. I'll aim for 16GB next time.
  • SSD: it's essential. My previous laptop (2011) had HDD and it was significantly slower.
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Garvit Motwani Author

You laptop is good for only made one task at a time aim for a multitasking laptop next time

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