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How you can bypass the captcha?


When you log in, signup, or comment on any platform, you will see a captcha will appear on your screen. Sometimes it is easy to solve, but sometimes it becomes a headache for us, so In this article, I am going to tell you how you can bypass captcha in just a few seconds. So without further delay, here we go:

We will look at these topics in this article:

  • What is CAPTCHA?
  • A brief history of CAPTCHA
  • What is 2Captcha
  • 2Captcha API
  • What are the advantages of 2Captcha
  • Pricing of 2Captcha
  • Conclusion
  • Resources

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHAs are used to identify whether an internet user is a human or a computer program (bots). A CAPTCHA is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Distinguish Robots from People." On the web, CAPTCHA tests are quite common.

A brief history of CAPTCHA

In the year 2000, websites have increasingly been accessed by computer programs (bots). This poses a security risk for websites. A new cyber security tool called CAPTCHA was created by Carnegie Mellon University computer science graduate student Luis von Ahn and his advisor Manuel Blum to address this issue.

Max Levchin, PayPal's co-founder and head of technology, helped commercialize this first use of such tests when PayPal used them as part of a fraud prevention strategy in 2001. They asked humans to "retype distorted text that programs are unable to understand."

The CAPTCHA journey has been quite interesting. If you wish to learn more about CAPTCHA history, please visit the following link.

Link: Article

What is 2Captcha?

The 2Captcha is a platform that provides automated captcha recognition services. That allows you to recognize different types of captchas and provide API support for popular programming languages such as Python, PHP, JavaScript, Go, C#, Java, etc.

All captchas are recognized by humans, that's why 2captcha can recognize all humanly readable types of captchas, and their average response time is 12 seconds, so that's quite impressive and fast. As you can see in the below image, 2Captcha supports several different types of captcha.


40,000+ users downloaded the 2Captcha Solver chrome extension that you can also install on your chrome browser at the following link.

Chrome extension: 2Captcha Solver Chrome extension

Please visit the below link to register on the

Link: 2Captcha

2Captcha API

2Captcha's platform offers APIs for popular programming languages, so you can integrate your software with the APIs and automate the process.

You can solve your captcha by following a few simple steps:

  1. Send your image or captcha to the 2Captcha server.
  2. Get the ID of your task.
  3. Start a cycle that checks if your task is completed.
  4. Get the result.

For developers, 2Captcha has created libraries for the most popular programming languages to solve the captcha, which you can download and integrate into your software and automate the process. 2Captcha popular programming languages GitHub libraries are available here

What are the advantages of 2Captcha

  • Save lots of time
  • High accuracy level
  • The average response time is 12 seconds
  • Solve any type of captcha
  • API support for popular programming languages
  • Service allows you to bypass reCAPTCHA and solve it automatically
  • 2Captcha working from 2016
  • Price rate is very low

Pricing of 2Captcha

2Captcha rates depend on the type of captcha that you want to solve and the method used. Their charge rate per 1000 captchas, so it’s very cheap as you can see in the below table.

Type of captcha/method Rate per 1000 Description
Normal Captcha Text Captcha $0.5-$1 The rate is flexible and depends on current load of the service. You can see current rate and limit max rate in your account settings.
reCAPTCHA V2 $2.99 The rate applies to Google's reCAPTCHA V2 solved via token.
reCAPTCHA V3 $1.45 score <= 0.3
reCAPTCHA V3 $2.99 score > 0.3
reCAPTCHA Enterprise $2.99 The rate applies to Google's reCAPTCHA Enterprise.
Geetest $2.99 The rate applies to Geetest captcha.
Grid Method Coordinates $1.2 The rate applies to any captcha where you need to click images.
RotateCaptcha $0.5 The rate applies to any captcha where you need to rotate images.
Arkose Labs FunCaptcha Token Method $2.99 The rate applies to Arkose Labs FunCaptcha solved via token.
KeyCaptcha $2.99 The rate applies to KeyCaptcha.
hCaptcha $2.99 The rate applies to hCaptcha.
Capy $2.99 The rate applies to Capy.
TikTok $2.99 The rate applies to TikTok captcha.


In this article, we learn about how captcha came into the market, and how captcha keeps a website safe from malicious bots attacks. There are multiple types of captcha available in the market and solving the captcha is a big headache for us, so there is a platform available in the market, that helps you to solve any kind of captcha and save lots of time.


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