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Discussion on: VSCode Extensions I'm in LOVE with

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Great article, there's a couple I didn't know but will definitly check out.

(Also, some of the picture aren't explicit enough, IMO :3) but still thanks for sharing.

Here's a couple I use a lot :

  • Better comments > simple syntax for colored comments
  • Bookmarks > easily jumps accross file or files
  • change-case > Easily switch from one case to another, oh god so much time gained
  • eslint > JS linter
  • indent-rainbow > Helps for indentation
  • Markdown > documentation made easy
    • all in one
    • preview enhanced
    • lint
  • Material Icon Theme > Better browser tree
  • Todo Tree > Set "TODO: " as comment for stuff to do later, and this plugins help retreiving all
  • Toggle quotes > So much time gained too. In one shortcut circle through ' > " > `

Have a good day :)

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Tina Huynh Author

Thanks for the suggestions