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Set Up Your Day For Maximum Results!

This tip can be broken down into 2 parts:

  1. What Am I Going To Do Today?!
  2. Pyramid Approach!

What Am I Going To Do Today?!

Your day( according to me) is split into three parts( which can be broken down further).

  1. Morning( 1:30 hours after bed)
  2. Mid-Day( everything in between)
  3. Night( 1:30 hours before bed)

Why Is This Important?

Well, according to my experiments, you are most productive when you have a clear vision of what you need to do that day.

Take time, during your mornings( you can even implement this in your morning routine), to write down what you need to do that day.
Take your time, maybe everything isn't coming to mind immediately, and look at your tasks twice.

Make a planner( I recommend either using, Google Calendar, Trello, or your notebook), where you write everything down.

And this doesn't have to be only in the mornings. If something comes up, for another day, write it down so you don't forget.

You could also write your tasks before bed( during the Night-Time), but for me, that doesn't have the same effect as writing everything down during the day( but it could do wonders for you, we're all different!)

Pyramid Approach!

After you've written down everything, now it's time to work!

The Pyramid Approach is a name I completely made up, but the idea here is that you start off with the most important/difficult tasks first. Then slowly( one task at a time) move on to the easier ones.

Let's say your tasks are:

  1. Make Scripts For YouTube Videos
  2. Edit This Week's YouTube Videos
  3. Go For A Run( Couldn't think of a task, the idea is that this is a less-important task)

Following the Pyramid Approach, you would finish the tasks in the following order:

  1. Edit This Week's YouTube Videos
  2. Go For A Run
  3. Make Scripts For YouTube Videos

Hope these tips help!

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