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10+ Free Proxy Lists

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Here is the ultimate guide to help you find free servers that are available to the public for free. Find out how you can use a free proxy list. Proxy lists display proxy servers that are available for public use. The list is updated after a while to show which proxy servers are active.

We recommend that you thoroughly check the proxy servers provided before using them. Not all of them are safe to use. You can only be guaranteed safety if you pay for the proxy list.

What Are Free Proxy Lists?

A proxy list is a website that contains all the HTTP/ HTTPS/ SOCKS proxy servers. The main goal of the free proxy list is to provide individuals and enterprises with working proxies. The proxy list consists of proxy servers available to the public for free.

A proxy server may help you to hide your IP address, keep your connection secure, and bypass filters and restrictions.

  • HTTP- Hypertext transfer protocol

HTTP is an application layer protocol that allows internet users to communicate using hypermedia files like HTML. Hypermedia files contain hyperlinks that can access other sources. When you prompt a request using the HTTP protocol, the server does not keep any data.

HTTP clients can communicate with other computers through a different protocol called Transmission control protocol.

  • HTTPS- Hypertext transfer secure protocol

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. The connection is encrypted. Therefore, you can use it to send personal information, bank details, and emails.

The encryption protocol used in this connection is known as the Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer. The information transferred cannot be intercepted.  It can't even happen when you are linked to an insecure network.

  • SOCKS- Socket secure

SOCKS is a network protocol that routes communication directly to a server if the connection has a firewall. SOCKS proxy servers use the Transmission Control Protocol to communicate with other servers.

10+ Free Proxy List 

1. ProxyDB

ProxyDB is a free proxy list with an online database. It is a data center proxy. The data center is not commonly used since it is getting old. The proxy list is not updated regularly. Therefore, it makes the IP unable to meet actual user needs.

The ProxyDB free proxy list supports all the HTTP/ HTTPS/ SOCKS protocols. They require you to donate €10 before they send you the entire proxy list to your email. The Proxy list supports over 140 countries. They also offer anonymous proxies. proxy lists are collected automatically by spider bots from different sites. The proxy list is regularly updated every two minutes. The proxy list is sorted according to protocol type and level of anonymity.

The proxy list supports close to 88 countries. It shows the different levels of anonymity from no anonymity, low, average, to high anonymity. It supports the entire HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols. The SOCKS version supported includes versions 4 and 5.

The site does not have Google Ads. The site has set a fee of $36 per year to export the entire proxy list.


SPYS support 171 countries on their list. It also supports different cities in these particular cities. The proxy list has Google Ads on its site. Anonymity options vary from High, Average to none.

SPYA is regularly updated. The updates take place every minute. The types of protocols supported include HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocol. These servers are encrypted using secure socket layer technology. The other information displayed on the proxy list includes IP address, Hostname, and speed. 

FreeProxy has servers in over 94 countries. They also support regions and cities in these particular countries. They have Google ads on their website. They also offer anonymous proxies. The levels of anonymity include Level 1 (Elite), Level 2 (Anonymous), and Level 3 ( Transparent).

The proxy servers support the HTTP, HTTPS, SOCK4, and SOCK5 protocols. The information on the site is updated after a few hours. However, they offer a disclaimer for you to use their database at your own risk. The proxy list consists of servers designed to be used by the public.

5. Idcloak 

The number of countries they support is around 63. They do not support cities. The proxies are categorized as A1, A2, and O1.

A1 proxy servers are identified by Geological databases.

A2 proxy servers are hosted by an internet service provider.

O1 proxies originate from an unknown country.

The proxy list shows you whether the web proxy offers anonymous proxies. Low anonymity shows that your IP address is visible. The other options are medium and high anonymity. The types of protocols supported include HTTP and HTTPS. The information on the site is updated every few hours.


Proxynova has the longest list of servers available for public use. The server's list is up-to-date. The site has Softwares that runs tests every 15 minutes to display the active proxy servers available for public use. The information is updated every 60 seconds and stored in the proxy database.

The proxy list displays servers available in many countries. It also shows the cities these proxy servers are located in.

The site shows which proxy servers are anonymous. Transparent servers display your IP address. Anonymous servers hide your IP address but show you are using a proxy. Elite servers do not show you are using a proxy server.


The proxy list displays proxy servers from several countries and the cities the servers are located. This particular proxy list has no Google Ads on its site.

It offers anonymous proxies. High or Elite anonymous does not show its proxy address while the Anonymous server does. The proxy servers are sorted by the protocol they support. The Proxy list is updated on an hourly basis. The regular updates help the public to know which servers are working.


Hidester supports countries like Korea, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. It does not display the cities supported. It supports anonymous servers. The levels of anonymity used include Elite, Anonymous, and transparent.

The types of proxy servers include HTTP, HTTPS, SOCK4, and SOCk5.It does not support Google proxy. The site has no Google Ads. The site recommends that you thoroughly check the parameters of the proxy servers provided before using them. You should confirm the anonymity, response time, location, and functionality.

9.Open Proxy

Open Proxy supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It also supports the SOCK4 and the SOCK5 servers. The number of countries they support is close to 124. The list also displays servers from unknown countries. However, it does not display the cities.

Open Proxy offers anonymous proxies. The Proxy anonymity options available include elite, anonymous, and transparent. The site has Google ads on it. The proxy list can be downloaded as a text file. However, the premium option would cost you $59.99 every year.


The proxy list is sorted according to protocols. The protocols available in this proxy list include HTTP, SOCK4, and SOCK5. Its protocol supports a different number of countries. HTTP supports around 27 countries. SOCK4 supports around 73 countries. SOCK5 supports only 6 countries. The proxy list has anonymous servers. However, it can only display anonymity for the HTTP servers.

The HTTP servers are encrypted using the secure socket layers technology. The SOCKS servers are not encrypted. The list is updated regularly. It is updated after a few minutes.


Free proxy lists are not safe to use. However, they can help you find some relatively safer proxy servers that can help to keep you anonymous on the internet.

Some of the parameters you can check in this free proxy list include location, anonymity, response time, protocol, and export options.


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