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Where can I find projects to join as beginner webdev?

Hello. I am learning Frontend for 3 months and I'm bored with coding projects alone, so I'm looking for place where I can find projects or peoples to cooperate. I was researching into 'first commits' but they are 2 types of projects:

  • your first commit (just basics of github)
  • super hard project with a lot of libraries

But I'm looking for community like on Discord or something where I can finds peoples that are looking for programming buddies

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Micah Lindley is a good place to find community, but if you're looking to contribute to a useful open-source project, you'll almost certainly have to deal with libraries. The best thing to do at your point would be learning how to read documentation and understand it.

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Ryan Hoffman

I'm new-ish. (Currently a jr. dev)
I would be happy cooperate with you/others on something!

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Benadjaoud Abdelhak

iam here
i will learn js and iwill do the 100 project in 100 days if you want to be with me in the challenge i will begin in 1 oct