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re: Music to Listen to While Coding VIEW POST


Looks like you mainly use youtube for your music but if you have Spotify I recommend the Deep Focus and Stress Relief playlists.

Deep Focus:
Stress Relief:

If you are into piano. One of my favorite musical humans

I understand that fast music can sometimes make you feel stressed but if you ever want to feel like hackerman...


Yes, I tend to like youtube just because it's free and there is so much neat (music) content - but yes, there are some great spotify playlists too!

And yes - that music definitely is intense :)


One more aspect for using Spotify (or any other music streaming platform) instead of YouTube - streaming video for just listening to music is extreme waste of bandwidth. And bandwidth is a resource that we should not forget about:) There's a lot of it nowadays but it's still limited.


That's a good point for sure - and something I probably don't think enough about when I'm sitting at home with enough bandwidth


I 100% agree. I had to deal with the bandwidth issue for years. On that note you can use this awesome piece of tech for playing music from YouTube

It fetches and plays the audio streams using youtube-dl. You can also toggle it to show video if you need.

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