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Discussion on: Being a Female Programmer: How is it For You?

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Yoandy Rodriguez Martinez

Women have been trained to be wary and cautious when they are alone with groups of unknown men. Put a woman in the room for an interview, even if you have to bring your girlfriend for that.

I've been an interviewer a few times, I think a cardinal rule is to keep the interview team as diverse as possible, people are sometimes biased in ways they don't even know. A diverse team helps with that.

The Glass Cliff: when management wants to promote a woman to a leadership role, even though she might not be ready for it. If she fails, management might use it as an excuse not to diversify these roles for women again.

Hate it, seen it happen, spoke openly against it.

Salary's rate. Women consistently make less than men because they tend to participate in less negotiation.

Can believe this is still happening all around the world. My advice to all people out there facing this situation. This is abuse. A subtle, socially accepted kind of abuse and you need to make it stop.