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You just have to keep trying. I'm a Python/Ruby developer with over 10 years of stuff on my CV but living in a "developing country" (a.k.a. Third World) where most people won't pay a dime for your code and almost every developer position available is asking for either .NET experience or some ancient technology like Fox Pro. I work as a sysadmin/tech support guy to pay my bills and do some freelance coding (mostly for people looking to reduce cost by outsourcing) on the side while trying to keep my abilities up to date. That's the market we're dealing with, you just have to find a way to cope and keep going.

My advice: Keep a day job and join some Open Source project, keep yourself sharp and wait for a better chance. It will surely come.


Hi Yoandy, have you considered remote jobs?


Having an stable remote job would mean having an stable internet connection, which around these parts is kind of a luxury. I do some part time jobs from time to time

My privilege didn't even make me register that issue.

I am sorry for assuming, I didn't realize you were in Cuba.

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