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Yordi Verkroost
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Random Computer Terms and a Lifetime of Learning

In the field of Computer Science, life-long learning is essential. I know that there is a huge amount of new technologies and paradigms every day. There is more than what you can keep up with. Luckily, there is one thing that all this new stuff has in common: it's part of the big, big world of computers. Understanding the basics of Computer Science should give you a good start. Right?

Even superhoes need life-long learning.

Based on that mindset, I recently had a new idea. How about taking one term out of the huge list of computer- and programming terms each week and discuss it? It's something that would benefit me. And while I'm at it, why not share my journey here, on I guess it wouldn't hurt (but if it does, please tell me ;) ).

Right now, I'm using this dictionary of computer terms and take one of them out at random each week. Do you have another source list? For example, one that also contains recent technologies and frameworks? Please tell me! I'm happy to take a look at other lists as well.

So, let's go! The first article that I will write (expect it somewhere this weekend) will be about (the random wheels are turning)...



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mahmoudafer profile image

Hello, I already got excited (even from the title) but i hope you can share more often.. not just once weekly.. thanks a lot! :)

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Yordi Verkroost • Edited

Glad that you're just as excited as I am! I'm working on the first post now, so you can expect it in a few days!