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Fishing in a Sea of Knowledge

Use your personal information hooks to fish in a wild sea of knowledge

This is a story about you. About your new-found passion. About something you care about so much that it made you switch careers. You and your ideals went all-in, determined to turn this adventure into something great. But then it happened. Theory overload. All of a sudden your plans need to fit into a kind of structure, a framework other people designed. Bureaucracy all over the place. This is far from what you saw in your visions. Your motivation drops from "take on the world" to "f* this shit". And if you let it, it will destroy your dreams.

Let me make this more concrete with an example. I recently started a new education to become a high school teacher. I discovered most of my energy comes from teaching the next generation. In this case, learning kids how to code. I embarked on this adventure with my ideals in the back of my mind. And then the structures a teacher has to adhere to overloaded me (and my fellow students, for that matter). Damn. There goes the positive mindset...

Luckily, there exists a solution that lets you climb out of this hole. Something that makes sense of the information waves that engulf you. Let's call it a "hook". It's like using the correct fishing hook to catch a certain type of fish. You can use your "information hook" to catch those pieces of information that are relevant to you. Those things that align with your vision and dreams. It turns a wild sea into a calm and controlled one, ready to catch the information you're fishing for.

Look at new knowledge as an opportunity. See it as a chance for you to strengthen your beliefs and let it confirm your ideas. Use your personal information hooks to fish in a wild sea of knowledge. Your dreams will thank you in the end.

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