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Making payments with Stripe

Disclaimer: This is not to reference any past blogs as bad, just documenting an issue I encountered and a straightforward solution.

What brought me here? Good question. After working for sometimes on some "X" codebase, providing the tool for free, I had to integrate a payment method to it. Being a novice into these payment technologies, I got stuck on the right tutorial meant for this. Calm down, let me drag you in the more. There is this tutorial I met over the internet which was done in a few years back(I guess it was up to date but working by then), but see what the tutorial resulted to?

Stripe Card details alert

What did I you?

I did a straight integration of the Stripe code at the backend level and provided a serializer for the frontend to consume.
Old Stripe Code integration

What I was to do

Shift to a more secure and modern integration using Stripe.js and Elements to handle card information directly on the client side. This approach should generate tokens in the browser, which are then sent to the backend. This method avoids passing sensitive card details through the backend, enhancing security, reducing PCI compliance burdens, and aligning with best practices for handling payments securely.


Demo gif

Cutting it Short

This post highlights the importance of utilizing Stripe.js and Stripe Elements for securely handling card details directly on the client-side. By implementing these tools, you can generate tokens in the browser, enhancing payment security and minimizing PCI compliance scope.

For a complete implementation guide and best practices, refer to the Stripe.js documentation and the Stripe API documentation.

For more detailed examples and integration patterns, please visit our GitHub repository.


In conclusion, as we strive to provide secure and efficient payment solutions, it's crucial to leverage the tools and features offered by platforms like Stripe. Always ensure to follow the latest practices by consulting the official Stripe documentation. This approach not only keeps your integrations secure but also ensures that you're taking full advantage of the innovations in payment technology. Stay updated, stay secure, and keep exploring the vast resources available to enhance your applications.

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