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WordPress Plugin

If we search WordPress plugin in google, we find that there are lots of free plugins available in the market. You can even create your own custom WordPress plugins. In this blog I will show you how to create a simple WordPress plugin, and how to begin your WordPress plugin development journey.

Why do we require to create our own plugins?
Creating your own instruments and effects is surely the best way to get a completely custom sound. WordPress plugins allow you to add custom features and offer a powerful way to add unique functionality to your website.

What is a WordPress Plugin?
WordPress plugins are like apps for your WordPress website. Just like apps on your phone, you can install plugins in WordPress to add new features.

Simple steps to create WordPress plugin
Before starting the development of a plugin, you should have the WordPress setup on your local environment or access to your site via FTP. Here I have created the plugin which will execute at the page load to display message. You can install WordPress on your local system using this link

  1. Navigate to the WordPress plugins folder. It is almost always located at /wp-content/plugins
    Image description

  2. Create a new folder for your plugin with name my-first-plugin
    Image description

  3. Create the main PHP file for your plugin.
    Image description

  4. Setup your plugin's information
    You will need to open that PHP file with your editor.
    Image description

  5. Program Your Plugin to add functions
    Image description
    This code hooks into “the_content” action that fires when WordPress renders the post content for your site. When that action fires, WordPress will call our “my_content_text” function that is defined below the “add_action” call.

  6. Activate Plugin: Click on activate plugin
    Image description

  7. Browse WordPress site
    Image description

For more details you can visit this link

Final Thoughts on WordPress Plugin Development
There are tons and tons of things you can do with plugins and almost as many ways you can create them. In this tutorial on WordPress plugin development, we explored how you can create a simple plugin from scratch.

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