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The Rise of Microservices

Below are few factors due to which microservices rise up

The increasing complexity of software applications: As applications have grown in size and complexity, traditional monolithic architectures have become harder to manage and scale. Microservices provide a way to break down large applications into smaller, more manageable components.

The shift towards cloud computing: Cloud computing has made it easier to deploy and scale individual services, making it a natural fit for microservices architecture.

The increased focus on continuous delivery and deployment: Microservices allow for faster and more frequent releases, as individual services can be deployed independently.

The emergence of new technologies and practices: Technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes have made it easier to containerize and manage microservices, while practices such as DevOps and Agile have emphasized the importance of rapid and frequent delivery.

The need for more resilient, scalable and flexible software systems.

As a result, many companies are now adopting microservices as a way to build and deploy software, especially in the context of cloud-native and cloud-based systems.

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