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The Mega CSS3 Cheatsheet

You can download The Mega CSS3 Cheatsheet here.

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Kyle Johnson

You gave me some ideas for CSS questions during an interview. The Aural section I bet no one knows about. That's some cool and important stuff.

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ɥɔɐ⅂ ɐɥɔsɐS • Edited on

I'd suggest not to ask this kind of stuff in an interview.
As you say yourself, no one knows about it.

Even the CSS Working group stopped working on their Candidate Recommendation.

None of the major browsers implemented it AFAIK (there isn't even a section in Caniuse). Most of the suggested properties aren't fully implemented by all screen readers yet

Some a11y experts argue, that you shouldn't change the way audio is spoken at all.

So by raising this kind of question, for something without any real value, you will only scare interview partners, which only creates an unpleasant situation.

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Yogeswaran Author

Hopefully you will pass that job interview!😊