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Front end Developer blogs to follow in 2020

Hey guys

After a too enthusiastic first ‘new beginning’ post. i don’t have any new ideas or i didn’t do anything apart from my regular office work to blog a post. so in order to break the ice. I would like to introduce some of the best developers blogs i follow.

Dave cedia

React Guy. He writes mostly on react,redux,svelte and everything frontend. He runs couple of courses on react Pure react and pure redux. Follow him on

Florin pop

Florin pop is well known for his challenges. He is a inspirational front end developer who blogs mostly on frontend. He recently completed his 100 days 100 project challenge. currently he is working on 30 days 30 video challenges. i am always wonder how he work on these apart from the regular work.

Tania rascia

Tania rascia is a full stack developer. She blogs mostly on modern javascript,css and everything frontend. She also Won 3rd place for Personal Developer Blog of the Year 2019 - Hackernoon.

Chris ferdinandi

Vannila javascript expert. Chris runs couple of training programs on javascript. His developer tips newsletter is read by over 7000+ develooper each day/.

I will introduce more blogs to you over the time because sharing is always caring.

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