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Discussion on: How to create a simple and beautiful chat with MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js (MERN stack)

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Yodi Satriani

Hi I have an issue to share with you guys. I got an issue if I wrap the with . You will have your code inside setState run twice. The possible way to fix this is to move the logic outside of setState. I have fix this two setState in App.js.

in componentDidMount -> I moved the msg.reverse() outside setState

componentDidMount() {
  this.socket = io(config[process.env.NODE_ENV].endpoint);

// Load the last 10 messages in the window.
this.socket.on('init', (msg) => {
  let msgReversed = msg.reverse();
  this.setState((state) => ({
    chat: [, ...msgReversed],
  }), this.scrollToBottom);

// Update the chat if a new message is broadcasted.
  this.socket.on('push', (msg) => {
    this.setState((state) => ({
      chat: [, msg],
    }), this.scrollToBottom);

and in handleSubmit -> I moved the this.socket.emit function call outside. preventing from emit the message twice

handleSubmit(event) {
  // Prevent the form to reload the current page.

  // Send the new message to the server.
  this.socket.emit('message', {
    content: this.state.content,

  this.setState((state) => {
    // Update the chat with the user's message and remove the current message.
    return {
      chat: [, {
        content: state.content,
      content: '',
  }, this.scrollToBottom);

Hope it can help. Thank you Armel.

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Armel Author • Edited on

Hi Yodi, thanks a lot, I have updated the source code on Github and in the article ;)