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Release0.2 week two

I have had experience about how to search Hacktoberfest issue, so I found the appropriate issue very soon. The Second Hacktoberest issue is about "String Metadata Extraction", and it is more difficult than the first one. The project named Nirjas. This project focus on extracting the comments and source code out of your file(s). The extracted comments can be processed in various ways to detect licenses, generate documentation, process info, etc.

The issue

The issue named "String Metadata Extraction". The problem is that in code files there are variables which are assigned with the strings. Extraction of it can be simply done using the same process of regex.

foo = "This is a string".
Nirjas is currently extracting several type of metadata including the SLOC, Comments. This can be a separate output metadata with only assigned string extractions.

How to do

First, I studied the code structure and understood the functions meaning. Then I authored a new function according to a similar function in this project.
Second, the point of the new function is about the regular expression. I had some regular expression experience in recent weeks. However, it is too complicated, so I need a tool to test it. I found an extension named "Regex Previewer", and it help me to find a right regular expression.
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Third, Interact with the project owner and revise the code repeatedly according to their opinions.
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  1. Regular expression is very useful, but it is also complicated. We will continue to learn it in the coming weeks.
  2. Be patient! This project have sever owners and they have different style. They will put forward different requirements to improve a function, and sometimes their opinions are not clear. I need to keep good communication to clarify what needs to be modified. I have learned a lot in this process.
  3. I want to introduce my method which search the project. I used the advanced search, and choose "With this many forks <50 "in Repositories options part. It is very helpful for me to search for issues at my level.

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