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When REACT is too much, what do you go with?

When React is too much for your project, what stack do you choose to go with?

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Estee Tey • Edited

Rather than thinking about whether the tech framework is too much (perhaps in terms of set up required and thus the knowledge required) - think about the use case that you are trying to address.

Sometimes even simple vanilla JS gets a job done if you want a very simple static website. You wouldn't even need external library scripts.

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Shaquil Maria

Sometimes even simple vanilla JS gets a job done if you want a very simple static website.

I was about to comment on this. You don't need a specific library for every project you are working on. Sometimes plain HTML, CSS & JavaScript are enough to achieve your goal.

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Thank you, I get stuck with vanilla JS because it’s always taught by “concepts” that are ended by a “console.log” and arnt truly used. JS has been tough for me

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Shaquil Maria • Edited

That means you shouldn't be using libraries in the first place. Indeed that for the most part if you watch a tutorial, JS is explained by concepts, but those concepts are the ones you need to grasp before actually using a library or framework.

If you are struggling with JS I'd highly recommend sticking to the basics. Learn concepts about programming and the language before jumping into projects. (And go through books like this instead of just sticking to crash courses on YouTube.

PS: What are you trying to build?

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Jose • Edited

In which way is React too much?

If you just want a super simple UI, then jQuery + Bootstrap could do the trick.

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Prasham Ashesh

yup jQuery would have been my pick too!
I use one of bootswatch themes too to get the tempo going

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Pete Steven

Vanilla JS is more than enough and efficient to create any website interaction, from the simplest button click to the heaviest canvas image manipulation code.

Also, to simplify your html/css process, you can use Desech Studio to visually create your html/css or even import from figma, sketch, adobexd. Then you can integrate it with react, angular, vue, or keep at vanilla js.