Random... does anyone get confused styling?

yobretyo profile image Bret ・1 min read

Does anyone get overwhelmed with UI styling? I kinda get sick with all the different variations of how something can be. I’ve been focusing on React and python. I started a React project after months of python concentrating.... UI is throwing me off a little. Are there any main reasons why things arnt auto imported, connecting or laying out right?
Those are the problems I’m having


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John Peters

Yes, to me, it's the hardest part of web dev. It's way too fine grained in my opinion. But here's 2 tips that help majorly:

  • Use grid as much as possible.
  • Use SCSS as it easily goes as deep as needed.

It's still tedious and just takes time to get it right.

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Sung M. Kim

I primarily use React, which is a wrapper around HTML DOM. So styling is normally done with CSS.

Starting from scratch has been painful to me so I tend to use Tailwind CSS nowadays to bootstrap and prototype.

UI packages such as Material UI or Chakra UI (for React) do provide built-in styles but normally you'd either change the theme (bootstrap problem).

Downside is that overriding styles can be very tricky for inner components.