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Productivity. Put the theory aside and practice !

Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I wrote articles, but we'll fix it !

Today, we will speak about productivity.

One of the biggest concerns of developers is their productivity. That's a fact.

We hear about it every time and everywhere.

"You have to be more productive."
"You have to be more competitive"

We hear about it so often that at one point of my life, I was only reading and documenting about how to be more productive and produce code quicker and cleaner.

Reading posts and watch people's life on YouTube to see how they manage their time (the hype of "a day in the life of.."), ...

Actually, I learned a lot and found some good ideas, but it took me sooo much time.

And it is not useful to look at videos the whole day and at the same time not practicing those concepts and ideas.

And that's how I became non-productive because of articles/videos about productivity !

Instead of following some people's advice and apply them in my life, I have just lost my time and that's it.

I was watching people get better and I stayed comfortably in my role as a spectator.

So, if you are in the position I was a few months ago, please get up of your bed, stop reading anything and practice what you already learned.

That's it, you reached the end of this post.
I hope you enjoyed it and you earned something of it.

If you see some English mistakes, do not hesitate to correct me in the comments πŸ˜…

Finally, feel free to share your experience / give your opinion! πŸ˜ƒ

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