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What is your preferred medium of learning : Books, Blogs or Videos?

Do you prefer to learn using books when you are learning something new , or prefer blog/written tutorials? Or you would rather watch tutorial videos instead?

For me, I liked reading books, and also prefer them if possible when learning something new. I like when authors given their own perspective or share some experience they had.

What are your preferred medium for learning, and why, share in the comments 😄

Thank you!

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Brian Ting

It depends.
I find Blog & Video tutorials are often created as "one off" style. It covers a particular project or topic, and hardly find them feel as continuous as books.

If I'm already familiar with a language, and only want to learn something more quickly, I'll go for blog or video; book is good for learning from beginning, thoroughly and slowly.

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I’m a big fan of books, too. I find it harder to jump back and forth in videos if I want to refer back to something, and I don’t love rushing to write things down or having to pause it all the time.

The good thing about a video is that it’ll keep playing and you can just sit there and watch, so it’s harder to get distracted and start looking at something else.

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Blogs and manuals ... often the official documentation (manual) of a language or framework is really good - example: the Rust docs, and the React docs ...

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Rishit Khandelwal


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ender minyard • Edited


Books allow you to learn much more about a subject than blog posts do.