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How to install Applications on Linux

Are you a Linux user and you have been looking for a way to install applications ?

Today we are going to learn how to install applications in linux


  • Snap is a software packaging and deployment system created by Canonical for the operating system that use Linux kernel

  • Snap and it tool snapd works across all range of Linux distro

Installing Snapd in your computer

if you use Ubuntu 16 upward , dont worry you already have snap installed

  • but incase if you think you dont , you can install it this way ##### To installo snap you need to do this
  • sudo apt install snapd

now once snap is installed you can check the version , of the snap of have installed by doing this :

  • Open your Terminal ( CTRL + ALT +T )
  • type snap version once you press enter you will see the version


How to install apps from snap

snap is very easy and simple to use
installing apps in snap is via the terminal


  • go to %[ ]
  • click on the search bar , then search for the application you want to install


  • click on the app you want to install


  • once you are navigated to the app page
  • click on the install button , a drop down will appear

*now copy the installation code to your terminal


  • now press enter and wait for the installation to finish
  • After installation has finished it will create a desktop entry

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