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On the topic of death

Recently, I noticed that I have more grey hair than I expected, and then I realized I'm turning old. I have this mid-life crisis of life's goals and values. I haven't reached most of the goals I set out, and the thought of missing out on new things that will happen in the far future saddens me. You know, the space travel, the exploration of new horizons, the meetings with aliens perhaps,... I will never ever see that.

I'm not a religious person. I have always been pondering what will happen after death. Will it be the end of everything, or will there be some continuation after death? Whatever it will be, I'm pretty sure that the "me" that exists now will cease its existence completely. Death is a fascinating topic and I have read and watched lots of documents on it.

It's not all grim, however. When I look at my children, still of a very young age, I see a glimpse of hope. Through them, I see a continuation of life. Some day, my grand grand daughter may ride her own spaceship out of the Solar system during her day trip. Some day, we the human may even find the fountain of youth that death seems like a strange concept to us all. Imagine the possibilities when you can live for centuries. Oh the things you can learn, the places you can see, the stuffs you can do.

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Suraj Vishwakarma

Death is unavoidable but things matter what we do on this planet. You might helped thousands of people or even more though your actions.

And there is hope that we achieve more and discover a lot of things thought our life.

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the only agreed on truth of this existence is death.