Writing Your First Browser Extension Tutorial - Part 1

Yechiel Kalmenson on August 05, 2019

This tutorial is based on a workshop I gave at the Codeland conference in NYC in 2019. For the purpose of this tutorial we will use Firefox, thoug... [Read Full]
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This is honestly great, browser extensions are about the only thing i havent looked into yet to work on for a side project, simply because i didn't have any ideas :D this article kind of got me interested so now i got to find ideas.. does anyone have a cool idea?


Consider updating this extension to integrate dev.to into the ui on twitter where trends are typically displayed.

Let me know if you take it on / decide to pass I'd love to help out.


I'm glad I got you interested 🤗

Let me know what you end up making!


Great tutorial :)

I would suggest that if your extension doesn't do as you expect run your manifest.json through a validator like jsonlint.com. Its easy to miss a comma or ending parentheses, and most errors can be found with a simple tool like.


Great tip! Thanks!

I should probably add that to the body of the post 🙂


Thanks for great post. Really gave me lot of ideas to experiment with.


Great, I am going to follow that and think of something... Cheers Man.


great article! thanks for clarifying the concept of browser extensions and how easy they are to write


your clarity on this concept compelled me to leave a comment. i like the way you concisely explained the process and had checkback points to help with any roadblocks. more content, please!


Thank you!

This feedback means a lot to me! 🤗

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