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How Much Have You Made Off Of DEV Monetization?

yechielk profile image Yechiel Kalmenson ãƒŧ1 min read

It's now over 2 weeks since DEV announced that it added Web Monetization:

I thought it would be fun for us to show off how much money we've all raked in!

person making snow angel in a pile of bills.

Personally I decided to point my content at my Bitcoin ledger, so I can finally say I own Bitcoin!

As you can see, I'm currently the proud owner of about āļŋ0 (accurate to about 4 decimal places).

Screenshot of my Uphold balance showing a balance of 0.00043349 Bitcoin, or 3.98 USD.

Clearly I have a ways to go before I can quit my day job.

How much have you made so far?


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I posted the first blog post yesterday and ðŸ’ļ ðŸ’ļ ðŸ’ļ

bitcoin card

... which is $0,025 :D

How do you think you've made your fortune? You've written a few amazing posts and I'd guess that that's how your bitcoin is growing steadily?



Yeah, I haven't written much in a while, but I have a lot of posts that I've written over time. I guess eventually the 0.0000001 BTCs add up 😂


wow, how do you cash with BTC? I'd love to receive it to my own wallet


Taking money out to a bank account is pretty trivial, I'm assuming to a bitcoin wallet should be pretty painless as well?


I'm using uphold (as recommended by dev in this blog post) and they allow for the conversion/cashing.


I've made less than that. Nothing, actually, not even a zillionth of a groat. I think it's because I don't write much, don't promote my posts and nobody makes any money off this sort of thing. One of those, anyway :)


lol probably the last one ;)


I really want to know how much the Vaughn, Bostian and Spittel make on dev.to. They are always posting out very interesting articles that attract a lot of traffic. I'm really curious to know how's it going for the most notorious writers here.


I'm more curious to see what the generic DEV payment pointer is getting!



Got this just a few minutes back :)


How long did it take you before you got this increment ?


It's funny, I'm pointing mine at a BTC wallet as well for the same reason. I own 1E-5 of a Bitcoin now! 😂

Or like 9 cents. ðŸĪ‘

This bit from the Coil FAQ is interesting:

The payout rate starts at $0.36 an hour. This amount tapers to a lower rate once you've streamed $4.50.

It's a bit surprising that payments from Coil are front-loaded to the beginning of the month. By the end, most Coil users would have burned through that... hence the fractional pennies. 😅


Hmmm interesting!

I was curious about how the payments work lol.


Nothing at all. :(

Tangentally, I already had an Uphold because I actually do use Brave Rewards, but since most sites I use don't accept said Rewards, I get them back. I've made about $30 just from letting Brave show me anonymized ads. XD


Although I did not post anything in a while, I got my share this morning – from the old posts I guess!

uphold screenshot with the 0.01 value


I've got my incoming coming into USD and right now it's at about $0.0018 and ticking. This is only from my older articles since I have only written 1 post since adding the web monetization link.


I've made $0.005 (half a cent) 😅

All in the first 24 hours... then nothing for the following 16 days (I haven't been too active lately.)