re: Looks like Vue.js will likely out-star React over the weekend! VIEW POST

re: "over the weekend". lol! just had a look at your site and it's already happened. :) i'm currently doing a react course on udemy and i'm roughly 7...

So have u started looking at Vue yet? Be quick :)


yes, but only a little. sarah drasner caused the distraction when she posted this:

we're currently using jquery at work, and the idea of vue was once thrown in by someone, so it's been stuck at the back of my head for quite some time now. started looking into it a little, but i think i'll finish off my react course first before making vue my next thing... although i really want to get a firm grasp on css...

Sarah is amazing.

But ya, once you have seen how Vue works, you won't want to manually select elements anymore. Well this apply to all other frameworks too, be it React, be it Angular.

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