re: Here is a little script to grab a list of all font names on Google Fonts. VIEW POST

re: Cool script! If you haven't already, you would probably benefit a lot from a tool like jq, which will give you superpowers in this context!

Ya, but I guess some how want to run this script every time I deploy the site. So I didn't want to bother installing jq on the production and staging servers. So I decided to go for a more primitive way.


That makes sense. I wouldn't want to necessarily install jq for such a simple task, either.

Hmm, I haven't look into jq yet, but I don't feel that jq is very easy to use from what I have scanned through.

Maybe I will start another project that makes json manipulation easier for people who are familiar with Javascript. Something like this is in my mind:

echo something.json | jsonpipe 'it.map(obj => obj.value).filter(v => v > 30)'

This would be much more easier for people who are familiar with Javascript already.

I guess jq has a bit of a learning curve. Something like awk, but with JavaScript syntax, I think could be useful to many JavaScript developers!

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