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QAO - Technology for the people

I’ve been observing what is going on in the world for as long as I’ve been alive and much before. What is going on right now is planned.

We need change.

The past 100 years have been a buildup of many lies, lack of transparency, profitability before accountability for the actions taken and many more concepts that I don’t even understand why we, the people, accepted.

We need radical transparency.

This is why the blockchain has been so popular lately… Transparency, freedom, control over our own life.

The concept of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) started to rise in popularity in the cryptocurrencies world. Why? Because it gives power to the contributors. True power. They can vote, they can participate, they can give their opinion, they can be heard and they can even be rewarded for those actions.

We’ve seen this concept since the inception of Ethereum and it has been growing in popularity lately, with DeFI exchanges like UniSwap having a voting system for changes to their ecosystem based on the UNI governance token.

A couple years ago, someone approached me with a crazy idea, knowing I have a deep knowledge of finance, cryptocurrencies, software engineering and many other skills needed for the idea to take place.

He wanted to get many people around the world involved in creating something more on top of the DAO principle, where people could collaborate in an entire ecosystem providing financial and decision-making freedom.

The technology for the people. Anyone.

Using the blockchain was the idea, because of the transparency of every transaction. Also, the decentralization made it available for everybody around the world, with no initial value so only it’s utility would give it a value.

He showed me the idea, his whitepaper and all the work behind the concept. I was astonished. I decided to give a hand and help the project because it was directly bonded to my values.

From those discussions is born QAO (Qualified autonomous organisation) with the only purpose to be fully community driven, rewarding the contributors for its implication and dedication in the evolution of the decentralized ecosystem.

We decided to leverage the Web3 JavaScript open ecosystem and many of the existing tools, creating the missing ones, to develop that dream that is becoming a reality right now.

Maybe my opinion is biased by my contribution to the project, but I really think that people interested in their freedom should pay attention to this soon-to-officially-launch project.

If you want to learn more, you can join the community on the discord or browse dome information on the website and the medium.


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