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Carl Yates Perry
Carl Yates Perry

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I currently lead the Square developer platform. If you any questions about building commerce solutions, Ask Me Anything!

I previously built at Microsoft and was also the Engineering Manager for all of AWS S3 APIs. Now I'm building a platform at Square. I'm excited to answer any questions you have about building apps to power commerce.

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What would you say the focus should be when building an API-like product?
Have you come up with some ideas you haven't pursued yet?

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Carl Yates Perry • Edited

Almost always I starts with 2 foci: ensuring that developers can understand the entity(ies) you are building and making it as simple and usable as possible. Often times there is not a focus on this aspect of API design. Developers absolutely recognize this and value the focus.

On things we haven’t done yet: we are really looking at enabling developer to help sellers better run their business. There are so many areas with our 1st party products that we continue to release API’s for while also looking at potentially compelling, adjacent areas. We have a public slack channel that you can join to find out more:

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Jess Lee

Any notable new learnings/challenges from moving to the commerce world?