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How does participating in hackathons & competitions skyrocket my career in 2022?

2022 has been an incredible year for me. Tried a lot of things, succeeded in a few and failed in a lot. It's been the best year for me since I've born.

This is my Career Wrapped 2022 πŸ‘‡

January 2022

In January 2022 I started earning via my first internship cum part-time job at NoobCommunity as a flutter developer.

I was getting Rs15k/month. Not bad for a second-year student.

Although, I realised later it wasn't the money I was looking for but the production-level code.

Internship Certificate

February 2022

We had our college internal hackathon that we needed to qualify to participate in Smart India Hackathon 2022.

Hackathon was going to start at 12 noon.

Tanmay woke me up at 9:30 AM, and I crafted an amazing pitch within an hour.

Result: We qualified :)

Idea PPT

March 2022

March was pretty chill.

I was going to apply for MLH Fellowship Fall Batch.

So started working on writing my essays using Notion.

Notion Answers SS

April 2022

I applied for EY Scholarship 2022 in December 2021 and got the news that I've been selected in the top 50.

Yayyyyy ! I took 3 days off from my part-time job & college and focussed only on coding PIKC.

May 2022

I got the mail that the date to pitch my business case is 14th May.

I pitched the jury and they instantly fell in love with what I've built.

On the occasion of my parent's golden jubilee, 31st May 2022, I got the news that:

I am one of the EY Scholars 2022 πŸŽ‰

Winning Image

June 2022

Finished my end sem exams.

We received fantastic news. Our team is qualified for Smart India Hackathon 2022 Finals!

Fun Fact: We were the only team from our college to qualify for SIH'22 Finals.

Tanmay and I started working tirelessly on TEVO.

July 2022

The college started in offline mode. My productivity dipped to 0. I didn't get enough time to do anything apart from my part-time job.

But again, I received amazing news. I qualified for 1st round of MLH Fellowship.

Gave an interview & succeeded in that too :)

August 2022

We crafted a beautiful landing page and mobile application, TEVO. Then commuted to Chennai for Smart India Hackathon Finals for a 48-hour-long hackathon.

We won SIH 2022 πŸŽ‰

Still, remember the face of our team when we were crowned winner of our question set 🀩

Team winning picture

September 2022

I gave my final round for MLH Fellowship, a tech interview.

They were significantly impressed with me and my application and invited me to reapply for a future batch as they did not have an appropriate project to match my skills then.

I felt devastated.

October 2022

This month I was actually trying to figure out what I want to do.

I didn't know whether I should focus on DSA or upskill my dev skills or focus on launching PIKC. Then I received an application for Google Developer StartUp Bootcamp.

I applied for it.

November 2022

The best thing happened, my maiden startup "PIKC" called for Google Developers StartUp Bootcamp, where 1500+ awesome startups applied, but the top 81 were invited.

Now as PIKC was getting recognised, I decided to immerse myself in it until the end of 2022 at least.

At google bootcamp

December 2022

Created my portfolio site

Decided to be more active on social media.

Published my first ever hash node blog during a hackathon:

We didn't win but the experience of building an entire app in 2.5 days was amazing.

Before we go...

If you've come this far, thanks a lot for reading.

Let's chat on top of it, you can reach me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

You can take a look at my portfolio here:


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shivamthakur98 profile image

Wow, Really Inspiring journey πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I really liked you website as well. Actually I recently started learning web-dev and I am thinking about building my on portfolio web page. Can you share where you got the inspiration for the UI for you webpage (if you would share some open source example that would be of real help to me 😊)

yatendra2001 profile image
yatendra2001 • Edited

Thanks @shivamthakur98 . Actually I created this using , they've multiple design inspirations.

Flutter web is not so advanced right now, so I got down the no code tool route.

Although you're just a search away for multiple design inspirations that've their code open sourced.