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A Comprehensive Guide For Creating Silky Smooth Animations Using Flutter.

When it comes to mobile development, the user experience is paramount.

One of the most crucial aspects of this experience is the fluidity of animations.

Flutter, Google's UI toolkit, has taken the app development world by storm, partly because of its ability to deliver smooth, jank-free animations at 60fps.

This means your animations remain fluid and appealing, even on older devices.

Ready to elevate your Flutter app with engaging animations?

Let's dive in!

Why 60fps?

Before diving into the 'how', let's address the 'why'. The human eye perceives motion smoothly at around 60 frames per second (fps).

By running animations at this rate, Flutter ensures that transitions, transforms, and other effects look lifelike and smooth, enhancing the user's overall experience.

Getting Started with Flutter Animations

  1. Basic Understanding: Flutter's animation system is built on AnimationController, an object that generates a new value at each frame. It’s used in conjunction with Tween objects that define the start and end values.

  2. Animation Widgets: For those who prefer a more straightforward approach, Flutter provides a range of widgets like AnimatedContainer, AnimatedOpacity, and AnimatedPositioned that hide the complexities of animations but deliver fantastic results.

  3. Custom Animations: For developers who desire more control, there's the CustomPainter class which allows you to create animations from scratch.

Crafting Your First Animation

1) Setup:

AnimationController controller;
    Animation<double> animation;

    void initState() {
        controller = AnimationController(
            duration: const Duration(seconds: 2),
            vsync: this,
        animation = Tween<double>(begin: 0, end: 1).animate(controller);
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2) Play it!:

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3) Visualise: Use the FadeTransition widget to see your animation in action:

        opacity: animation,
        child: FlutterLogo(size: 100.0),
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Tips for Stunning Animations

  1. Easing Curves: Not all movements are linear. Use Flutter’s Curves class to apply easing functions, making your animations feel more natural.

  2. Combine Multiple Animations: Use the AnimationGroup or sequence multiple Tweens to create complex choreographed animations.

  3. Hero Transitions: A personal favorite! Flutter's Hero widget enables the creation of seamless transitions between screens.

  4. Listening to Animations: You can add listeners to your animation to perform actions at different stages or values.

  5. Infinite Loops & Reversed Animations: Make animations loop indefinitely or play in reverse with simple commands like controller.repeat() or controller.reverse().

Performance Considerations

  1. Avoid Offscreen Rendering: Only animate what's visible. Offscreen animations can unnecessarily use up resources.

  2. Use the shouldRepaint method wisely: If using CustomPainter, make sure to properly override the shouldRepaint method to avoid unnecessary repaints.

  3. Profile your animations: Utilise Flutter's built-in performance profiling tools to ensure your animations remain smooth across all devices.


Flutter's commitment to 60fps animations isn’t just a technical specification—it’s a dedication to superior user experience.

By making it easy for developers to create and integrate smooth animations, Flutter enables the creation of apps that are not only functional but also visually delightful.

As you embark on your Flutter animation journey, always remember: the key to a great animation is subtlety.

It's not always about the most complex or the longest animation but rather the most fitting one for the user's experience.

Now, go ahead and bring your Flutter app to life with some mesmerising animations!

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