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Azure labs

Principles of resource groups

Use tagging to organize resources

Use policies to enforce standards

Secure resources with role-based access control

Use resource locks to protect resources

Identify incorrectly assigned resources in Azure

Identify incorrectly assigned resources

Assess resources that can move

Identify steps to move resources between Azure resource groups

Move and verify resources between Azure resource groups

Add and delete users in Azure Active Directory

Assign users to Azure Active Directory groups

Evaluate your costs using cost analysis

Control Azure spending and manage bills with Microsoft Cost Management + Billing (imp)

Create a VM using the Azure portal

Fundamentals of computer networking

Decide an authentication method for SSH

Create a Linux virtual machine with the Azure portal

Connect to a Linux virtual machine with SSH

Create a Windows virtual machine

Connect to a Windows virtual machine using RDP

Create a virtual machine

Test your new virtual machine

Explore other VM images

Sizing VMs properly

Query system and runtime information about the VM

Start and stop your VM with the Azure CLI

Install software on your VM

Add a data disk to a VM

Resize a VM disk

Use Update Management on a virtual machine

Use azure log analytics and schedule updates

Create and deploy an Azure Resource Manager template

Add parameters and outputs to your Azure Resource Manager template

Create an image of an Azure VM from the Azure CLI and provision a new VM

Deploy a scale set in the Azure portal

Set up a DSC and configure a desired state

Deploy and run a containerized web app with Azure App Service

Design and implement IP addressing for Azure virtual networks

Prepare virtual networks for peering by using Azure CLI commands

Configure virtual network peering connections by using Azure CLI commands

Verify virtual network peering by using SSH between Azure virtual machines

Create and manage network security groups

Restrict access to Azure Storage by using service endpoints

Create a DNS zone and an A record by using Azure DNS

Create alias records for Azure DNS

Create custom routes

Create an NVA and virtual machines

Route traffic through the NVA

Prepare Azure and on-premises virtual networks by using Azure CLI commands

Create a site-to-site VPN gateway by using Azure CLI commands

Configure a public load balancer

Deploy a static website to blob storage

Use a Content Delivery Network to publish a static website

Update a Website and republish to a Content Delivery Network

Customize and manage CDN behavior

Enable automatic failover by using priority routing

Optimize applications across regions by using performance routing

Set up a VM with boot diagnostics

Configure the Azure Diagnostics extension

Use diagnostic data

Create basic Azure Monitor log queries to extract information from log data

Set up a Log Analytics workspace and Azure Monitor VM Insights

Use metric alerts to alert on performance issues in your Azure environment

Use activity log alerts to alert on events within your Azure infrastructure

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