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kambala yashwanth
kambala yashwanth

Posted on


Ticker Symbol Api End Point

What is the project about?

Recently I had a hackathon challenge to work on realtime stock markect data end points.After the hours of research from the various stock market end-point-apis , I had short listed a few.I thought that might be enough to complete my project.

1) IEX ,
A real boon to stock market app developers because of the free unlimited api calls without any limitation.
No realtime data , only with 15 min delay

2) AlphaVantage,
A site for pro developers with near realtime data/live stock data but comes with api key mess and limitation on requests/min made

After a few days of walkthrough, I found my self on the fence because I have to make an auto complete search field like google search box for stock name/symbol searches.

the main catch here is Symbol Search AutoComplete functionality already found in AlphaVantage, that too 5 API calls/min and 500 api calls/day.Imagine your end user typing keyword of length about 6 char in a minute then you will run out of APIs.


Then I had an idea of mixing the both worlds, no API key mess from IEX and high end functionality from AlphaVantage. At first I googled if any already existed but found none while yahoo fiance api was widely used for keyword search,sadly it's deprecated. I had no other choice to stick to AlphaVintage which costs around $30/month,30 api/min.

Thus I ended up making my own keyword filtering on ~8000 stock symbols downloaded data.I thought it could be great if I host in cloud so that other devs can also use it.

tickersearch API [Just, I named it so]

Github :

Demo :


In order to get the required search result , please provide KEYWORD_SEARCH in the following url
eg :


[{"symbol":"GOOGL","name":"Alphabet Inc."}]


  • Free Free Free
  • No API key mess , No email spamming
  • Nothing more Nothing less


  • Weired API end point url

Technology Stack

1) NodeJS
2) Hosted on ZEIT ,with 100GB bandwidth and 3 instances available

Top comments (2)

ameerasghar profile image
ameerasghar • Edited on

Great project, and solves a lot of problems with current apis

But the endpoint doesn't give accurate results. Not complaining though, still a huge help!

ex., should theoretically give back results

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Happy coding!