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kambala yashwanth
kambala yashwanth

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New Feature Request

Recently I came across a good blog post,after that I bookmarked(browser) to some folder , like I being a unorganized guy I don't follow a pattern,now I can't able to remember which folder I saved to .I find it hard to browse my fav url among my home-pc,office-pc and mobile.

Just like Pintrest may be devs also can share and pin urls.

Bookmark internet urls like pintrest #4231

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

This is not related to problem

Describe the solution you'd like Just like Pinterest , provide an option for users to bookmarks urls,(blogs, tutorials, their own sites). Implemetations

  • private/ public bookmarks
  • one can explore some otherusers' bookmarks list
  • showing recomendations/related site urls, if user bookmark an url

Note: Not to be confused with existing bookmark functionality for site posts only

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Ben Dowen

There is that "save to reading list" option, the blue label next to Unicorn. For anything else, there is Twitter or Pocket (