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Provide a guide to start up with linux

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Guys I know nothing about linux, directories,commands So can someone help by providing a guide how to start up with linux for begginersπŸ™‚

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Honestly, you just need to search a lot. I didn't know anything when I started. Internet was very new at the time so info was scarce.

I recommend using an Arch based distros such as Manjaro to just get you started, once you are comfortable with the commands, then install Vanilla Arch (which is just Arch itself).

Manjaro just makes it easy to install.

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Jugal Kishore

Could you please explain why Arch based distros?

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Best reason is to be able download and install programs the easiest.

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Boyan Iliev • Edited

I would highly recommend checking out these two courses. I've completed both of them and they've really taken me to the next level.

You have to upgrade your account to pro if you want full access to the DevDojo course but trust me it's 100% worth it. Plus while you have a pro account you can check out all the other courses. As for the edx one, you could pay to receive a certificate and get access to extra knowledge checks. But just the free version will help you a lot without all those knowledge checks.

I hope that these courses help you the same way they helped me.

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