Improve HTML and CSS performance

Yaser Adel Mehraban on May 01, 2019

Recently I had a chance to present a talk at NDC Sydney about web performance and it received a great feedback. That inspired me to write up a ser... [Read Full]
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Wow, this a great article for me to understand more of the 3 heads up of Web Development program. It'll help other people to appreciate those technologies mostly for the beginners to start their career as a developer 👌 Cool enough.


Great and informative article, Yaser. One small nitpick: there is not something like the CSSDOM, but rather CSSOM.


Ooops, you're completely right. Will fix it ASAP


Fixed, I had the correct full term but wrong acronym 🤦‍♂️


Can you recommend any tool to "extract the unused CSS from the main file and load them separately and later when needed"? Would like a separate post about such tools or best practices.

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