A lazy developer is a good developer, 10 windows shortcuts you should know

Yaser Adel Mehraban on May 31, 2019

I saw a quote some day on Twitter: As a developer I don't feel bad about being lazy. If I can make a computer to repeat something for me, why sho... [Read Full]
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All sorts of magic hidden in that Win key. I will make good use of that taskbar trick. I can also add Win + arrow keys can be really useful for quick window arrangements like getting a window out of the way or splitting two windows evenly across the monitor.


Win+Shift+S for taking screenshot


Neat! Win+PrtScr also takes a screenshot


Good job. Ctrl+Shift+V was new to me 👍

BTW, Ctrl+Del deletes the word ahead of the cursor.


Awesome stuff

Win . Was definitely my favorite too. Eureka moment. Hadno idea you could do that

Ps. Win+D also takes you to desktop (same as Win + M - which btw I just learnt about, thanks to you 😁)


Win+. is amazing. I'm done copying and pasting emojis from other sites now!

I also didn't know how the magnifier worked but I've seen it used many times in talks and on youtube videos.



Win + E to open up explorer.
Three fingers on the touchpad. Swipe and experiment.
There are so many more. They are tough to keep track of. But, once you know most of them, life becomes so much easier.


Thanks for the list. I don't think anyone mentioned using F2 to rename files. Its a handy thing to know!


Number 7 can be achieved by pressing WIN+D to minimise everything and then WIN+D again to bring it back. I remember it as D = Desktop 👍


Here's a big list of Windows keyboard shortcuts if anyone is interested! 😊


Thanks! Is there any way I can open the terminal (cmd) or poweshell of any directory I'm in using a shortcut? Is there any shortcut for that?


In any directory just click in the address bar and type cmd, then press enter 👍🏽


number 7 needs some fixing


That is just for peeking your desktop without minimising. I've updated the post with an extension from comments 👍🏼


Pretty sure this is not Windows-specific, but I find cmd + L to be soo useful in a web browser. It will jump you to the address bar.


Just press F6 and it will do the same thing (with only one finger !!)


Great list of shortcuts!

I also use Win + L everyday to block my computer before going to lunch 😄


The emoji thing was cool! Gonna use it from now on.


Lazy is an insult. Especially for doing things that are smart...


Don't take the lazy part seriously, think of it as if we didn't want to make our life easier by doing less, we would have to spend more time in general just doing stuff without any value 😁


Hotkeys is life.
This is something I learnt from StarCraft 2! Learning hotkeys improves productivity no end.


Yo nice one! I literally didn't know half of these. Loved the emoji one. I've always wanted a quick way to type those. Thanks!


If you want to get really crazy add Vimium to firefox/chrome


As a fan of shortcuts myself I really likes some of these that I didn't know until now. Also, WIN + R is almost a daily shortcut for me. It opens the run command.


And now with PowerToys Alt + Space and you get a beautiful launcher 🙃


Not sure did someone already mention, but sometimes WIN+V can make your life little easier.


I think to get emojis shortcut is win ;

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