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Shipping Software

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Summary of Shipping Software
Shipping is one of the most important processes for a business, helping it connect with customers. However, as companies grow and demand increases, the process becomes complicated and creates gaps in the fulfillment process. Therefore, to help companies manage their shipping process, they must resort to a shipping software that streamlines several processes and helps achieve unprecedented efficiency in the operations. In this article, we shed some light on the top providers of shipping software in the world, what they bring to the table and how to choose an ideal shipping software for your company.

List of Top Shipping Software

ClickPost is a leading logistics intelligence and shipping management software. It is integrated with more than 200 shipping and logistics companies, allowing users to manage shipments across multiple carriers through a unified platform. The software allows companies to create shipments, generate shipping labels, track orders and create branded tracking pages for an enhanced post-purchase customer experience. The software also provides a returns management system that can be used to manage returns, automate the pickup process, manage exceptions in reverse logistics, and track returning items.

Narvar is a shipping software that is integrated with over 300 shipping companies. It operates a network of 200,000 pickup locations for handling returns as well. The software can be used to create orders, manage shipments and track orders. It also helps companies predict delivery dates and notify customers about the status of their orders. Further, the platform can be used to create customized tracking and returns pages, and to also manage refunds for returning items.

AfterShip is a software used by eCommerce companies to track and manage their shipments. It is integrated with 800+ shipping and logistics companies. The platform enables multi-carrier management, order management, rate shopping, order tracking and omnichannel communication. Further, the platform can be used to create branded tracking as well as returns pages, while allowing companies manage and set rules for refunds and reverse logistics.

ShipStation is a software solution used to manage shipments and orders. It is integrated with over 84 shipping companies and several online selling channels. The platform is used to manage orders across multiple channels, automate several shipping processes, generate shipping labels, shop for best rates and more. The platform allows companies to create branded tracking and returns pages, as well as custom labels. Further, it can be used to manage inventory and receive information such as stock levels and alerts for shortages.

MetaPack is an eCommerce shipment management solution that allows companies to manage orders and deliveries. It is integrated with 400+ shipping and logistics companies and provides international access to businesses. The platform can be used to create shipments, schedule pickups, track orders and manage returns. The platform also enables the creation of branded pages for tracking and returning items.

Shippo is a carrier management system used to handle shipping operations for eCommerce companies. It offers integrations with over 50 carriers and works with over 100,000 brandes globally. The platform can be used to generate shipping labels, shop for discounted shipping rates, track orders and send notifications for order status. The platform also helps companies manage their returns and generate return labels free of cost.

3)How to Choose the Best Shipping Software?

Keep the following things in mind when choosing a shipping software for your company.

1) The price of the software is one of the most important factors.
2) The quality of customer service should be impeccable.
3) The software must ideally offer returns management.
4) The software must allow multi-carrier management.
5) The solution must enable tracking of orders.

Final thoughts
With increasing competition, technology has become necessary to gain a competitive edge in the market. To ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition, you need the best and the smartest software solutions to manage your shipping operations. Refer this article to choose the most ideal shipping software solution for your company.

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