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MLH Fellowship: 3 Months of Infinite Growth

yashika51 profile image Yashika Sharma Updated on ・3 min read

What is MLH Fellowship?

It's a three month(12 weeks) long program no less than an internship but a lot more than regular open-source contributions.
You are placed in a pod of awesome 10 members with a mentor who'll go over the line to help you.

It's not possible, to sum up, an unforgettable experience but I'll try my best.

My Major League Hacking Experience

The primary reason behind applying for this program is mentorship. You can spend days banging your head on your PC while stuck on a problem. But getting code reviews and tips from an experienced Software Engineer can be a boon helping you to learn more and cry less(Ouch! Debugging is hard).

I also got featured on their blog post which you can read here.

Another reason was the projects and organizations that were taking part in the fellowship. The projects we had to contribute to were not disclosed until the second week(welcoming hackathon was organized in the first week).

The projects that I contributed to are Scikit-Learn, Keras, and BentoML. All of these projects are used by millions of people and are well-reputed.

Project Details

I was really happy and excited to know about the projects because Scikit-Learn is a project that every single person in ML or the Data Science field uses day and night. Being a contributor to this project was a proud moment for me. I also met the maintainers(which I otherwise might not have met) and they were so humble and helpful.
Especially, Thomas Fan reviewed my PR's in-depth and left insightful comments.

I also contributed to Keras. Keras accepts a PR having a very standardized code and format. To get the PR merged it should be really up to the mark so this took me a bit to prepare the industry level code notebook along with my teammates. But we learned a lot and it was totally worth the time.

Finally, in the second half of the fellowship, I decided to try my hands on BentoML which is a library to create packed bundles from ML models that are easy to deploy. Shoutout to Bento ML's Chaoyu and Bo for being the most responsive maintainers ever.

Check out my Github.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

I learned about a lot of new things and technologies that I never heard of before. I have also learned to write industry-standard code, which is properly formatted, follows all the rules, and is highly optimized!

I am really attached to my pod mates and mentor along with all the amazing coaches and professionals I met at MLH.

I am graduating with lots of learning, new friends, better online presence, and endless memories. All I want to say is
Thank You MLH, you are awesome!

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Jacob Herrington (he/him)

Getting those open source contributions is no small feat. Congrats!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Thank you for sharing!

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